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Week 3 - Prototype

This week, we detailed our design and made several prototypes to test which one is able to shoot the best picture and video.


The Wrist

The current wrist mount Go Pro makes is a great product for many sports, but sits too close to the wrist to provide the perfect shot. Bringing the camera off the wrist just a few inches provides a great vantage point to capture footage. This is exactly what our first prototype accomplishes. This mount can be used as a typical wrist mount, but when its time to capture the shot, the camera can be rotated around and angled to the perfect location. Check out the fully functional 3D printed prototype!


wrist mount


Back Mount

Since Sasha mentioned that the best angle to shoot at was from directly above, we created a back mount to fully capture these overhead views. The telescopic rod easily contracts in order to give the climber the ability to climb freely and safely, especially on treacherous routes. Additional padding will form a protective shell to encase the unit and prevent injuries.


The Jaw

The off-body mount prototype was based on the limitations of the currently used jam mount.

Don't get me wrong, the Go Pro jaw is a very versatile mount. This can be clamped onto many different surfaces and twisted into shape for a great shot. Climbers use this mount to clip onto ropes or onto anchor bolts along the wall, but this limits the range of the camera to only a few locations along the wall. This new concept was based on attaching the jaw mount to the cable of the quick-draw that is attached to each anchor bolt.


testing with Sasha

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