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Week 1 - Team Building

First of all, we decided to call our team ALTEK, because we want to combine Altitude and Technology together. Altitude means that we are able to achieve a high level of design quality, meanwhile technology indicates that we can also design something which is very technological, so we are ALTEK !

We want people to see the image of team ALTEK is climbing cross the mountain which means that we are solving the difficult problems all the time and we never give up. So we use the element of mountain and climbing in our logo design.



ALTEK team members are Logan, Alyssa, Noor, Hailey, Ryan and me, Robby. We are from different countries but we have the same goal that is trying our best to design. We all have total different characters and personalities ,which will make ALTEK become a great team! Here is our video, thank you for watching.


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