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MonMonLand is a character design project. In this project,  I came up with a story, along with designing the characters which would fit into the story and their living world.


Long long time ago, there was a story talking about a beautiful little creatures’ world, MonMonLand. In this wonderland, there were a bunch of little monsters living inside. This place was divided into four unique areas, CandyLand, Fruit Kingdom, Dark Volcano and Magic Forest. Each area had its own style and characteristics. But all the monsters had one thing in common, which was they could change their face features like eyes, noses etc.

Character Design

character mood board.png

I want to keep the shape of the characters simple and easy to be distinguished between each other, because they already can change their face features, so I don't want to make the shape too complex. At the same time, adding accessories can make the characters more interesting and attractive.


Let's meet the characters 


MonMonLand plush is made of Felt with Velcro. The main body part is made of felt while all the accessories are attached with Velcro on the back, which makes the accessories stick anywhere on the felt body.


Children can assemble the plush as they want or switch the accessories between different plushies.

Scenes Design

Designing cartoon figures was not enough for this character design. Picturing out the world that they were living would make the whole project more complete and attractive. I divided the MonMonLand into four areas. They were CandyLand, Fruit Kingdom, Dark Volcano and Magic Forest. Each area had its own climate, and the monsters which lived in each area had different appearance characteristics due to different living habits. Four areas were connected with each other while each region had special products. The monsters would exchange their products with others to get different things.

environment mood board.png

Candy Land

CandyLand is the sweetest place in the MonMonLand. There are candies everywhere and they are these little monsters’ favorite food. So monsters usually come to Candy Land to celebrate holidays.


Fruit Kingdom

Fruit Kingdom is the most healthy place in the MonMonland. There are fruits and vegetables all over the place. The monsters which live in the Fruit Kingdom grow the fruits and sell them to other places.


Dark Volcano

Dark Volcano place has an active volcano so there is always dust in the air so that is called Dark Volcano. Also, Dark Volcano teems with diamond and gold, so monsters like coming here to shop.


Magic Forest

The Magic Forest is in the deepest place of MonMonLand. There is a magic waterfall in the forest. The magic water can heal all the unhappiness and illness. Plants are all having peculiar looks in the forest. 

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