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This project is gender toy design. It challenged the current gender stereotype in the toy industry. The first thing that came to my head was train sets . Usually train sets were designed for boys and seldom parents would buy trains for their girls, so I wanted to design a train set which would be more gender friendly to girls.

Cake Train 

WeChat Image_20190622222510.png
firday display fixed.png
cake flavor.png

strawberry chocolate cake

pineapple upside down cake

Oreo matcha cake


The whole set can combine into one cake, and little trains can run on the cake and collect different pieces. Each cake has its own theme and different accessories. For example, the accessories from the strawberry chocolate cake can transform into strawberry shortcake, chocolate Pavlova cake or kids can create their own desserts. 


Also, cake trains can be mixed and matched together. Track slices have a variety of placement, so kids can design their own cake tracks, collecting different dessert components to make their own desserts.

Prototype Demo


Use the trains to collect the ingredients from the cake, and create the one and only dessert !


Different cake tracks can make different desserts! Also they can be mixed and matched together!

Tech Pack

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