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I was lucky to have a project with Bark while at Pratt. I approached two concepts at stage one; the first one was wild west and the second one was called bark hop which was inspired by hip hop music. After review, I decided to go with the wild west theme with adding more interesting elements into it, which became wild west: episode of outlaw VS sheriff. For this project, I designed a series of plush toys which represented an outlaw, such as the firecracker, a load of cash and a poker card. Meanwhile the cute dogs will play the role as sheriff to defeat those bad guys.

bark toy rendering.jpg


BARK concept.jpg

I did some concept drawing for Bark. It is for Halloween theme. Part of the fun experience of Halloween is about Trick-or-treating. So I am thinking what if the snacks that we usually eat turn into monsters, that will be very funny. So I did a a theme concept drawing called Snack Monster. 

bark hop.jpg
bark hop sketches.jpg
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