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dessert tray name.png

My inspiration of designing this dessert serving tray was coming from the sense of joyful togetherness that I get from having an afternoon tea with friends. My design priority was to nail the juxtaposition of functionality and elegance into modern lifestyle. I wanted to have a contemporary approach to making functional pieces harmonize with mid century Italian style. I believed my design meets the manner of modernism, with a hint taste of organic.

dessert tray lifestyle.png
dessert tray lifestyle2.png
dessert tray form language.png
dessert tray sketching.png
dessert tray rendering3.png
dessert tray insturction.png
dessert tray material.png


dessert tray material.png


dessert tray material.png


My approach was designing a dessert tray which not only met the daily needs, but also could be a sculptural art piece.

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